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Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp
Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment

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A dynamic discussion of remediation procedures for the frontal and lateral lisps. Combines tradition therapy with modern concepts of oral movement based on electropalatography and motor learning. Practical, comprehensive and insightful.

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This book is based on thirty years of direct therapy experience with the frontal and lateral lisps in a wide variety of clients. Professional and student speech-language pathologists alike will find a fresh perspective and a wealth of information here.

Appropriate for clients two years of age and above. Can be used as supplemental reading material in courses on articulation. A great addition to a professional or university library.

• Learn how to treat even the most difficult lisps
• Gain a full perspective of normal sibilant production
• Learn to diagnose direction of airflow
• Shorten therapy time with effective techniques
• Discover how to combine articulation and oral-motor therapy
• Learn to motivate clients and commit them to therapy
• Create an environment for effective carryover
• Develop effective entrance and exit criteria


"Fabulous book. One of my go-to resources. I am no longer intimidated by a pesky lateral /s/!"

Megan, SLP


"Great resource! I recommend this to all the grad students I supervise...easy to use techniques..Thank you!"

Lisa Reppert Barrow, SLP


  1. The Phonemes
  2. Oral Position for Sibilant Production
  3. Deep Analysis of the Frontal Lisp
  4. Deep Analysis of the Lateral Lisp
  5. Developmental Considerations in Sibilant Remediation
  6. The "Long T" Method
  7. The Cornerstone Approach
  8. Onward to the Other Sibilants
  9. Remediation Specific to the Frontal Lisp
  10. Remediation Specific to the Lateral Lisp
  11. Auditory Training Through the Program
  12. Oral Habits, Oral Structure, Oral Rest and Swallowing
  13. Achieving Carryover
  14. Real Clients in Real Therapy

"As a school speech-language pathologist, I went from someone who had no idea how to treat lisps to someone who was teaching other SLPs how to treat and diagnose them. Great book!"

Andrew Floyd, SLP

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"Your [lisps] book is so well-written! The diagrams and exercises are very clear. I find your practicality and candidness refreshing."

Rita Gittinger, SLP


"I used this book with one of my graduate students working with children in our clinic. The techniques helped the client to make more progress than just verbal prompts alone. Great resource!"

Christy Davis Coker, SLP


"This is a handsome and well-constructed volume. There is certainly very little information about lisps that you have overlooked in this volume."

Elaine Pagel Paden, Ph.D.


"This book on /s/ is wonderful!"

Jean DeGaetano, Great Ideas for Teaching

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