Below is a list of the downloadable documents and other resources for free by Pam Marshalla.

Speech Pathology Advice Blog

Pam authored an advice-column-style blog for SLPs from 2006 to 2015. Explore the archives here:

Use the keywords/tags list found in the right-hand column to browse specific topics, or use the search feature to find specific words or phrases throughout the entire blog.

Pam’s Place Cues Videos

Master References List

This document lists all the references that Pam Marshalla used for her books, lectures/workshops, and blog. Most recently, this lis was updated and heavily vetted for The Marshalla Guide.

  • Pam’s Reference List: DOCX or PDF

This reference list is an enormous and extensive list of resources and information for SLPs. References in blue are directly used in The Marshalla Guide and references in purple were sources for the book but were not cited within the text.

Oral Motor Institute Articles

While co-chair of the Oral Motor Institute, Pam published the following peer-reviewed monographs:

Articles & Editorials

Pam wrote many articles in the hope of giving SLPs and parents useful information to be able to share with colleagues and peers on the following topics and techniques.

The links below go to the article on Pam’s blog or you can choose to download the article as a PDF.