Below is an index of the downloadable documents and videos by Pam Marshalla.

Speech Path Advice Blog

Pam authored an advice-column-style blog for SLPs from 2006 to 2015, the archives of which can be explored here:

Pam’s Blog: Answers & Advice for Speech-Language Pathologists & Parents

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Pam’s Place Cues Videos

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Pam’s Place Cues for Consonants

Pam’s Place Cues for Vowels

Master References List

This document lists all the references that Pam Marshalla used which are related to the material she discusses in her seminars and books. This reference list is an enormous and extensive list of resources and information for SLPs.

Download Pam’s Reference List

Oral Motor Institute Articles

While co-chair of the Oral Motor Institute, Pam published the following peer-reviewed articles.

Oral Motor Techniques Are Not New
by Pam Marshalla | 25 September 2007

Oral Motor Treatment vs. Non-speech Oral Motor Exercises
by Pam Marshalla | 09 April 2008

Horns, Whistles, Bite Blocks, And Straws: A Review of Tools/Objects Used in Articulation Therapy by Van Riper and Other Traditional Therapists
by Pam Marshalla | 3 April 2012

Resources and Editorials

Pam wrote these documents in the hope of giving SLPs and parents useful resources and information to be able to share with colleagues and peers on the following topics and techniques. All of these papers are also discussed in Pam’s blog.

Articulation Therapy in Schools
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

Carryover Techniques for Speech-Language Therapy
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

Diphthongs and Glides in Core Vocabulary Words
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

What Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Really Means
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

“Marshalla Eye Dropper Technique” For Drooling Elimination
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

How to Teach Proper Oral-Nasal Resonance Balance
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

The King’s Speech Was Dysarthric, Too
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

Making Speech Targets Salient – Classic Auditory Training – Tools for Amplifying Speech
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

The Roles of Oral Rest Posture and Neutral Position in Articulation Therapy
Read Blog Post | Download PDF

The Roots of Oral-Motor Therapy: A Personal View
Read Blog Post | Download PDF