Month: February 2008

Two Different Motor Pathways Argument

By Pam Marshalla

Q: What is your argument when others say that we should not be doing oral motor techniques because there are two different motor pathways, one for speech and one for simple movement? I agree that simple non-task-specific exercises (i.e., “non-speech oral-motor exercises” or NS-OME) do not help speech. This is what recent research demonstrates. For example, if one were to ask a child to move the jaw up-and-down as an “exercise,” this indeed would have nothing to do with speech….

Oral Motor Techniques in History

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I have heard you say that oral motor treatment is not new. What do you mean? Dr. Charles Van Riper, the “father” of articulation therapy said that techniques to manipulate mouth movements and positions, for speech sound production, were centuries old in Europe. In the 1960’s, Mildren Berry and Jon Eisenson said that articulation therapy was “as old as the Hitites.” Last year I began an investigation into the use of methods to facilitate oral (jaw, lip, and tongue)…