Month: October 2009

Age for Frontal Lisp Therapy

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Age what age should a child with an isolated Frontal Lisp be seen for therapy? When to see a child with a frontal lisp is a controversial thing. We CAN help a child like this from the age of two and older. But most SLP’s still hold off until they are older. Most school districts do not let a child like this enter therapy until age 7, 8, or 9 years of age. In a private practice, one can…

Prevocalic Voicing

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I have a preschool client who prevocalically voices everything – b/p, d/t, g/k, and so forth. Do you have any suggestions? Most kids get voicelessness in the final position months before they can do it in the initial position. Here is the order in which I usually work these sounds into the child’s phonological repertoire: Take a step back and work on final voiceless stops — /p/, /t/ and /k/. Use words like up, cup, eat, out, ick, book….