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Down Syndrome and Stuttering: Diagnostic Labels

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I have a student with Down syndrome who stutters. Her private SLP has diagnosed her as having apraxia, and insists that the fluency problem is part of the apraxia. Can this be right? Many therapists assign the label of apraxia to children with Down syndrome, but I believe that this is an incorrect diagnosis. Dysarthria should be the assigned disorder. Please note the following definitions: Dysarthria Dysarthria comprises a group of speech disorders resulting from disturbances in muscular control….

The King’s Speech was Dysarthric, Too

By Pam Marshalla

This opinion paper was originally posted as a downloadable PDF on my website, authored on April 29th, 2011. Download the original PDF here. *** The King’s Speech was Dysarthric, Too An analysis of treatment procedures reveals that fluency was not the only issue Discussions of the Oscar winning movie, The King’s Speech, have focused on the problem of stuttering and its impact on communication. This certainly has been a boon to our profession and a help to public understanding of this…