Month: September 2008

Frequency of Therapy with Childhood Apraxia and Dysarthria

By Pam Marshalla

Q: How often should a young child (2-4 years of age) with apraxia or dysarthria receive speech-language therapy services? I have a baseline that all my clients with motor speech disorders have to meet. They must attend once per week for one hour at a minimum. Twice per week is very nice. Three times per week is a complete luxury. More than that is unnecessary because these children do not change very fast. Children with motor speech disorders take a…

CAS and Self-Esteem

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Is it wise to talk to a preschool child with childhood apraxia about their disorder? I never tell little kids that they have a disorder. I let them know that they are speaking very well, that they are still learning, and that I am thrilled that they are speaking as well as they are. Often I imitate back to the child what he said and how he said it, then I model for him how to say it better….