Month: August 2009

Sanitary Procedures for Therapy

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Can you explain how to follow sanitary procedures when using hands or objects in the mouth? SLPs need to follow sanitary procedures at all times when touching a client with the hands or other objects in, on, or around the mouth. The following summarizes the basics of: (1) Scrubbing and gloving, (2) Handling objects in sanitary ways, and (3) Sanitizing objects for re-use.* 1. Scrubbing and Gloving Procedure: Adhere to the following procedure at all times when touching a…

The Lateral “Sh”

By Pam Marshalla

Q: How do you train a midline sibilant when a client has a lateral lisp on “Sh”? There are many ways to develop a midline groove for the sibilants. The simplest way to get a midline groove for “Sh” is to use what Van Riper called theĀ Association Method. The association method is the process of using a phoneme that the client already can produce to learn the new phoneme. The old-timers usually recommended that we use “Long E,” as in…