Month: November 2015

Update on The Marshalla Guide

By Pam Marshalla

I wanted to take a moment to speak about Pam’s most recent unpublished book, The Marshalla Guide. Many of you have written in to ask me about when it will be ready for publication and I am very grateful for your interest. The Marshalla Guide is a monumental work, containing over 500 pages of thorough content, with hundreds of illustrations and an enormous reference list. It will be Pam’s pinnacle work and her most important contribution to the field of…

Tongue-Protrusion in Toddlers

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I work in the Early Intervention setting and increasingly encounter late talking children (frequently boys) who prefer a frontal tongue posture. What’s the correction? In my experience, this problem does not need to be fixed in a two-year-old boy who is delayed in SL. First, tongue protrusion is normal in two-year-olds. Second, the child is late in talking and therefore should be using the pattern of a one-year-old. The only thing I would do over the next year is…

Working With Fussy or Uncooperative Toddlers

By Pam Marshalla

Q: My toddler-age clients sometimes fuss and cry, even scream. I know this is normal behavior for a little kid, but I am a young therapist with no children of my own yet, and I simply do not know how to handle it. Do you have advice for me? Sometimes it is the language we use that causes stubborn and uncooperative behavior. Changing our language can improve some of these situations. Let me illustrate with a story. 🙂 I was…