Month: October 2008

Feeding Therapy Resources

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I am looking for oral motor exercises that will teach and promote chewing. My client prefers a diet of soft foods that he can form into a bolus with his tongue against the roof of his mouth and swallow whole without moving the food to his molars and cheeks. The best book on the topic is: Morris, S. E., & Klein, M. D. (2000).┬áPre-feeding skills: A comprehensive resource for mealtime development, 2nd edition. Austin, TX: Therapy Skill Builders (Harcourt…

Esteem vs. Rappprt

By Pam Marshalla

What is the first most important goal of speech-language therapy? This question came up at a workshop recently. One seminar member answered, “Build the child’s self esteem.” This is not correct. The first most important goal of therapy is to establish rapport with the client. All the old-time speech-language textbooks taught this. Establish a trusting relationship between yourself and the child early in therapy, and continue to build this relationship as therapy progresses. If the child doesn’t trust or like…