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Top 75 SLP Websites & Blogs for 2015

By Pam Marshalla

Recently, this blog was featured in Kidmunicate’s list of their favorite Top 75 Speech Pathology Websites for 2015¬†. I am honored to be listed as #52! Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support of my work and our profession — ¬†especially those of you who’ve been reading for all 9 years that this blog as been around! (Or all 30-ish years of my writing career!) And thank you to Kidmunicate for selecting my blog.

Orofacial Myology Information

By Pam Marshalla

Q: How can I find out about orofacial myofuctional therapy? Go to the website for the¬†International Association of Orofacial Myology. According to their website, “The IAOM provides information about Orofacial Myological disorders including: tongue thrust, improper mouth posture and incorrect swallowing patterns.”