Month: June 2009

The Nasal /r/

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I have one student who makes /r/ in her nose. It is very nasal. Advice? Your client should be able to do the following because he is only hypernasal on one sound. That means that he is not structurally hypernasal (velo-pharyngeal insufficiency), nor does he have a motor speech disorder that causes him to be functionally hypernasal all the time. He simply has a habit of directing sound out the nose instead of the mouth when he says /r/….

Three Challenges of the Lateral Lisp

By Pam Marshalla

This is a question posed to me from as a follow-up to the on-line seminar I taught for them on the lateral lisp: What do you think is the biggest hurdle that a child with a lateral lisp faces? I think there are three really big hurtles the client and the SLP must face in changing a lateral lisp. First, the client has to learn a new motor pattern. We ask ourselves, “How can I create this new movement?”…