Adding Final Schwa

By Pam Marshalla

Cyrillic_letter_SchwaQ: What about kids who add a schwa to the end or middle of words? Do you have any ideas for that?

I see the addition of a schwa as the child’s way of making a simpler speech motor pattern. According to researchers, the CV is the simplest motor pattern and kids change a CVC to a CV-CV to make it easier.

All kids do this — e.g., “mom” changes to “mama” and “dad” changes to “dada”. They also do this with the diminutive —  “dog” changes to “doggie” and Cat” changes to “kitty.”

Adding the schwa is a strategy to help them learn to put final consonants on the ends of words. I actually TEACH my clients to add a schwa and to use the diminutive before I teach them final consonants! 😀



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  1. What are some strategies to remove the final shwa for children with apraxia who habituate this practice and add it on to all words [i.e., bed(a)]

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