Adding Unnecessary Final Consonants

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Have you ever seen a child add final consonants to words that don’t need them? My 3-year-old male client adds T to the end of everything.

I have seen this with a few kids who used a few different phonemes: T and S mostly. I usually consider it overgeneralization of their new knowledge about final consonants, and I don’t worry about it.  I do not believe that I ever had to do anything about it, and I just let it fade away on its own.  If I felt I had to address it at some point I probably would do minimal pairs such as Me and Meat.

2 thoughts on “Adding Unnecessary Final Consonants”

  1. What if it’s a 9 year old and is adding a /d/ at the end of some words, such as /dətɑrd/ instead of /gətɑr/

  2. I am wondering something similar. a 13 year old who consistently adds /d/ at the end of any final “er” words. (ex. racer-d, water-d (the drink not the action of watering), farmer-d, sweater-d, etc.).

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