Clip a Frenulum Twice?

By Pam Marshalla

TongueQ: Can a clipped frenulum grow back? I have a student with a hearted-shaped tongue and a restricted frenulum but his mom said it was clipped at 9 months of age.

As far as I know, it won’t grow back — however a lot of scar tissue can develop, and some people might need to have the procedure done twice.

4 thoughts on “Clip a Frenulum Twice?”

  1. Pam,, if it is not clipped do you think a student can have normal /s/? I have a student with lateral /s/ but parents have opted to not clip the frenulum. I have tried a variety of strategies but he still has airflow out the right side. The left side is fine. But i”m out of ideas.

    Thank you ,

    1. A short lingua frenum should not interfere with S because you can teach a “Tip Down S” that should work. It will however interfere with good tongue-tip elevation on T, D, and N.

    1. Yes, the heart-shaped tongue can continue for years if the client never learns to push the tip outward. Tease the tongue-tip with a textured probe (e.g., toothette, Nuk, fingertip) and encourage the client to “push it out”. Move the probe slowly outward to encourage the tongue-tip to push more forward. If this doesn’t work, use a probe to press into the tongue-tip (from anterior to posterior) and encourage the client to “push it out”. This type of resistance to forward movement usually is the most effective method to encourage full tongue-tip extension.

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