Computer Software Recommendations?

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Do you have any computer software recommendations for a student with verbal apraxia?

I am not your resource for this kind of information. Find a therapist in your area who has expertise in computer hardware and software. Most school districts and children’s hospitals have at least one person on staff whose job it is to keep up with these products. Also talk to the software companies that sell the equipment. They have salespeople who will teach you all about their equipment. Many will send a rep to your school to demonstrate.

One program I am familiar with is SATPAC (Systematic Articulation Training Program Accessing Computers). According to the author, Stephen Sacks, “SATPAC is an articulation/phonology software program incorporating facilitating contexts, coarticulation, and natural prosody at a conversational rate with numerous repetitions of the target sound to quickly remediate deficits. Target sounds are established, generalized and transferred through the use of nonsense words, real phrases and sentences that move the student systematically to normal conversational competence. There are also 4 CVCV lists which move from easiest (reduplication) to hardest (random combinations).” See SatPac for more information.

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