E for Final “Er”

By Pam Marshalla

8663075893_349f0bbb44_mQ: My four-year-old client substitutes E for final Er, as in teachee/teacher. Have you seen this before? Should I be extra worried about it?

To me this is just another minor problem with R.  Nothing special just not very common — kids screw up R in more ways than are imaginable!

The kids I have seen like this correct their errors easily. Most of their families thought the error was very cute and were sad to see it go!

2 thoughts on “E for Final “Er””

  1. Honestly, I think it goes into the “smart error” category, because the child is finding a “back” tongue position that is needed for /i/ and /r/. I like that error, because the child has a third of the ingredients for a textbook /r/.

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