Exercise Routines

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Which of your books do you suggest for teaching me the number of repetitions or the amount of seconds for engaging in oral-motor exercises?

I do not teach oral-motor techniques exercise routines.  I teach oral-motor techniques to facilitate sound production.  Therefore none of my books will give you that type of information.  In general I do not measure the number of trials, or the number of seconds —  I teach techniques to facilitate new movements for phoneme productions.  The child’s ability to produce the phoneme is your measure of success.

Having said that, some of my seminar material contains a few suggestions for number of trials, or number of seconds.  But this is provided to attendees just to get them started.  There is no way to guarantee that a certain number of repetitions, or a certain number of seconds, will have the payoff you are seeking.  The better phoneme production is always the measure.

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