Facilitating Sh, Zh, Ch, and J

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I have been using your cornerstone approach from Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp successfully with my students for /s/ and /z/. It has been very helpful! Thank you! However I have a couple of students who are left with a lateral Sh (“shoe”), Ch (“chop”), J (“jump”) and Zh (“beige”). I have been combing your book and working very hard doing oral motor for lateral margins and the bowl shape, but I am still having difficulty with sound production. Help!

I get this question all the time. I am afraid that the basic techniques for these sounds are buried too deeply in that book. However, I have answered questions about Sh twice before. Start with these postings:

Then go for Ch once you have Sh. Simply ask the client to say hi excellent Sh, and to prolong it, while he lifts and lowers the tip of his tongue. Like this:


Then get him to do this in a continuous sequence

Shhhhhhhhh-T- Shhhhhhhhh-T- Shhhhhhhhh-T- Shhhhhhhhh-T…

The key is to get him to hold the Sh position the whole time. In other words, he is prolonging a Sh and then moving the tip up-down during it. Teach him to do this faster and faster until it sounds like Ch-Ch-hH…

I am sorry, but it will sound like he is saying the word “shit” for a while. LOL!

4 thoughts on “Facilitating Sh, Zh, Ch, and J”

  1. I just did an evaluation on a 12 y/o who has a perfect S and Z but lateralizes the SH, DG, CH and ZH. I am going to try the techniques you have described however there is another more atypical error that I am hoping you can help with. This client has a distorted R but combines it with a voiced velar. Almost sounding like he is gargling or producing a French R with a G sound. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. In regards to R– that gargling/fricated sound you hear is from the middle-back of the tongue getting to high near the soft palate.
      Teach him to say “Ah” while he tries R, and I would probably go to a retroflex R to focus more on bringing the tip of the tongue up and back. It may help pull the back down.

  2. The above links for the lateral SH, and Teaching Sh do not work. Is it possible to make these work? Also I do have your lateral lisp book.


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