Getting the Tongue-Back to Rise

By Pam Marshalla

4078613218_ec2c90b9ef_mQ: My client keeps lifting the tip of his tongue when I want him to lift the back for K and G. How can I get him to stop doing this?

The simplest way is to use an inhibition technique.  Hold down the tip with a tongue depressor and tell him to lift the back instead.

I also might use some tactile stimulation in the form of gentle brushing to help him understand the difference between the back of the tongue and the front.

The papillae on the tongue that perceive brush strokes are tilted back toward the rear, so stimulating from back-to-front on these parts is the most excitatory.

1 thought on “Getting the Tongue-Back to Rise”

  1. Rather than a tongue blade, I use the long tail of a toy plastic monkey…
    First I hold it, later the child holds it, finally the sight of the monkey is sufficient.

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