Jaw Sliding

By Pam Marshalla

father and son :)Q: Could you talk about young kids with articulation disorders who demonstrate significant jaw sliding? What causes this when there is no neuromuscular problems?

Jaw sliding left and right pulls the tongue laterally away from its alignment with the palate.  This causes articulation of the tongue to the palate to be off and this distorts sound quality.  Treatment is to stabilize the jaw at midline.

There is no telling why these things occur.  All movements are asymmetrical to a certain degree, but if the jaw is working even just a little asymmetrically, it throws speech off a lot.

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  1. My client exhibits jaw sliding to her left side during production of /s/, /sh/, and /ch/. When she bites down on a straw and given a verbal cue, she is able to stabilize jaw at midline to produce the sounds. Would you recommend referring her to an ENT?

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