Lateral Lisp in a 3-Year-Old

By Pam Marshalla

Three Years Old GirlQ: Would you work on a lateral lisp in a 3-year-old? How?

Most therapists would not treat a lateral lisp in a 3-year-old, but one could, and some do.

Use the “Long T Method” and make it playful.  Hold one end of a straw in front of the central teeth and have the child make a T. The airstream should go into the straw and amplify. Now make it “longer” — aspirate it.  It won’t sound like “S” but it will sound like a “Long T.”  Call it the “Snake Sound.”

Have fun with the snake sound–– “Oh no! I hear a snake… The snake is coming… The snake is hissing… He’s in your mouth… He’s going into the straw…” 🙂

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