Losing R: Therapy Regression

By Pam Marshalla

3203023874_658e630a0e_mQ: I have an elementary age male client that was attaining an adequate R, but then we had scheduling problems and he lost it. I cannot get it anywhere now. Help!

When I have a client like this, I start from scratch. I assume they can do nothing that I worked on with them, and I re-visit all we have done before.

Slow way down. Do not assume any generalization. Review, review, review what he could already do and solidify those skills. Don’t move forward.

Research in the 1970s indicated that long-term persistent R clients cannot discriminate their own productions. They can’t tell then they are right or wrong. So don’t test him (“Was it right?” “Was it wrong?”), TEACH HIM (“That one was right.” “That one was not good enough.”). 🙂

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