Postvocalic /r/

By Pam Marshalla

Q: My client has an initial position /r/. But I’m having a difficult time getting it in final position. How can I get this final /r/?

Use his initial /r/ to teach the final /r/. I do it like this:

  1. Select a word that starts with /r/ that he can say well, like “rock”. And select a word that ends in /r/ that he cannot say, like “car.”
  2. Have the client say them in sequence: “Car-Rock.”
  3. The trick is to have the client DELETE his incorrect final /r/ in “car.” He will say “Ca…Rock.” Now he has the sequence. Have him say this sequence slowly and carefully, listening to the sequence.
  4. Now teach him to blend the vowel of “c…” with the /r/ of “rock.” Prolong the vowel in “ca…,” and teach him to slide from the vowel to the /r/ in “rock.” Teach him to make the sequence seamless: “Caaaaaarock.”
  5. Then drop the “ock” from “rock,” and the client will say “car.”

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