Prosody Goals

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I’m wondering what kind of goals you would write for targeting prosody. How do I make it measurable?

Prosody entails projection, rate, rhythm, stress, pause, pitch, intonation, and cadence. I would write separate goals for each area impacted.

In terms of measuring success before and after, I would take measures where possible. For example, I might count the number of words the client speaks per minute and compare that to the old norms. Where measures like that are not possible, I would make observations and take notes. For example, I would make notes on whether the client uses a rising inflection while asking a question.

In terms of goals, I would write a goal that shows the progress I hoped to make. I am a terrible goal writer but here goes, e.g.: “Johnny will use a rising inflection on 3 out of 4 questions posed during a 15-minute conversational speech sample in the therapy room.”

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  1. hello i am a ms student of speech and language pathology that ask work on the effect of management prosody on the speech intelligibility parkinson disease but don’t have a protocol for this work.

    ,ask you help me in design this protocol.thank you

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