“Ruh” – Blocking Out The Old Motor Memory

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I attended your conference on Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp, and Distorted R a few weeks ago, and I have been trying your methods. Your L-to-R tapping method has WORKED on my toughest clients! They can say “Ruh” but we don’t call it “R”––we call it “The way back L.” On all of your material, you have it typed out as “Ruh.” I am hesitant to write it that way for word practice because then my clients have been reverting back to the old way of saying R. So far I’ve been just typing “Luh-b” (for “Rub”). Any suggestions?

Perfect, wonderful, amazing, excellent. I agree with your findings. I also don’t mention R if it messes up the client. We are on the same page.

If you review my handout, you will see that I wrote one slide in the morning lisp section that says, “Tell your client, ‘Don’t say S.’ ”

Then, when I was showing the class how to do the R methods in the afternoon, I repeated several times the instruction, “Don’t try to say R. Just do what I tell you.”

I call this “Blocking out the old motor memory.”

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