Sound-Activated Toys

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I was listening to your audio tape called Apraxia Uncovered and heard you say that voice-activated toys are great for getting children to vocalize. Where can I find these?

I know of no speech company that is selling these toys now, but I searched online and found many for sale at various venues. Some are overpriced, but if you take the time to look around online, I am sure you will find at least one at a reasonable price. Search by the specific name or by “sound activated toys.” Here are several to get you started:

  • Pete the Repeat Parrot: This very obnoxious parrot repeats back twice the short utterances you say to him. The sound quality of the parrot’s voice is not great, but it also flaps its wing when it talks. It’s a great toy to motivate a child to speak in order to get the parrot to activate. That is, as long as it doesn’t scare him!
  • The Green Machine Frog Band: This is my absolute favorite. These five little frogs are so cute and they bob to sound, either music or voice. Hold a tube from the child’s mouth to the receiver for absolute perfection in voice-movement activation.
  • Dino Band: Just like the frog band. Use the phrase “Dino Band Sound Activated” when you search.
  • Sound Activated Wind Chime: I haven’t used this, but it looks very interesting.
  • New Toys: Several toys I have not seen personally but which look potentially great can be seen online at Coinop Express’ website.

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