Substituting Sf for S

By Pam Marshalla

Q: My client says Sf for initial S words, as in “Sfoap” for “soap.”

One simply has to hold the lower lip down and out of the way while practicing the words.  This will prevent the lower lip from elevating to produce the F.  I probably would have the client use his own fingers to hold the lip down.

I call a method like this an “inhibition” technique.  You are inhibiting an unwanted movement.  At the very least the child’s finger will help him feel the unnecessary lip movement.

I also would use a mirror so he can see the error.  And I would spell it out for him.  I would spell out “SFOAP” and show him that it should be “SOAP.”

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  1. I agree with inhibiting the lip as well! However I have a child who “backs” on almost all sounds. Mommy becomes “goggy” and me becomes “m-ge”. I’ve used mirrors, visual feedback, inhibiting tongue movement with a depressor, and now I’m at a lost! Any ideas??

    1. The anterior consonants emerge because the JAW begins to move up and down. This is verified by research and by my own clinical experience. Therefore get the jaw to bang up-and-down and encourage any anterior stops- P, B, T, D. One of them should emerge.

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