Top 75 SLP Websites & Blogs for 2015

By Pam Marshalla

Top 75 SLP Websites ImageRecently, this blog was featured in Kidmunicate’s list of their favorite Top 75 Speech Pathology Websites for 2015 . I am honored to be listed as #52!

Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support of my work and our profession —  especially those of you who’ve been reading for all 9 years that this blog as been around! (Or all 30-ish years of my writing career!)

And thank you to Kidmunicate for selecting my blog.

Kidmunicate Top SLP Websites Screenshot

1 thought on “Top 75 SLP Websites & Blogs for 2015”

  1. If you are at this website, then you probably already know how valuable Pamela’s insights and ideas are. We wanted to make sure that other SLPs and parents knew about this great resource. Thanks for featuring our list on Kidmunicate. Keep up the great work. Your friends at Kidmunicate.

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