Teaching Sh and Ch

By Pam Marshalla

Q: How do you teach Sh and Ch when a client has a lateral lisp?

Start with Sh––

  • Have the client smile and produce an exaggerated Long E–– Eeeee.
  • Then tell him to hold his tongue in the E position and pant. He will be making a gross Sh at that point.
  • Now have him keep panting in that way and round the lips.  He will be saying Sh.

Then go to Ch––

  • Have the client prolong Sh–– Shhhhhhhhhhh.
  • While prolonging Sh, have him lift and lower the tongue-tip.  He will be saying Shhhhh-t-Shhhhh-t-Shhhhh-t…  Tell him NOT to make a T, but to simply lift the tip to “Close the gate and stop the Sh.”
  • Have him do this sequence faster and faster.  The faster he goes, the more it will sound like Ch.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Sh and Ch”

  1. I have a really hard lateral that I have tried ALL the tricks I know! He is a thumb sucker with a huge indent in his palate. His tongue goes right up in that indent and produces the lateral airflow out the sides for SH, SH and J. Funny part is he has a great S. I have tried shaping the SH from the S and no bueno! We are doing the E to S which is good but if we just try rounding the lips the tongue goes right back up into the hole in the palate. H-E-L-P needed on this case!! I’m going to try the panting next session!

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