Teaching Sh and Ch

By Pam Marshalla

Q: How do you teach Sh and Ch when a client has a lateral lisp?

Start with Sh––

  • Have the client smile and produce an exaggerated Long E–– Eeeee.
  • Then tell him to hold his tongue in the E position and pant. He will be making a gross Sh at that point.
  • Now have him keep panting in that way and round the lips.  He will be saying Sh.

Then go to Ch––

  • Have the client prolong Sh–– Shhhhhhhhhhh.
  • While prolonging Sh, have him lift and lower the tongue-tip.  He will be saying Shhhhh-t-Shhhhh-t-Shhhhh-t…  Tell him NOT to make a T, but to simply lift the tip to “Close the gate and stop the Sh.”
  • Have him do this sequence faster and faster.  The faster he goes, the more it will sound like Ch.

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