The Cycles Approach to Therapy

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Can you explain the “cycles approach”?

To work in cycles means to work only one week at a time on target phonemes or phonological processes. Therapy progresses through the weeks regardless of whether the client masters the target.

For example, the client may have trouble maintaining /s/ in the clusters Sp, St, Sk, Sm, Sn, Sl, Sw, Str, Spr, and so forth. Using cycles, therapy would address one cluster per week.

For more information, read the original authors. Look on-line for used copies. You should be able to get it very cheep; either edition is fine. This book is written very simply — even some parents can read it.

Hodson, B. W., & Paden, E. P. (1983, 1991) Targeting Intelligible Speech. San Diego: College-Hill.

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