The Long T (again)

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I bought your book Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp recently and am trying your “Long T Method.” My client can do T but not Ts. Is there still hope that I can use the Long T method or should I skip to something else? I only tried an aspirated T during one session so far.

Patience!  One session is not enough to know if a method will work or not.

Also, you seem to be trying to get him to say S.  The point of the Long T method is NOT to say S.  It’s for kids who cannot say S.

Do not try to get him to say S or Ts.  Get him to blow more air after the T.  Tell him, “Don’t say S.”

Then use this gross aspirated T in place of Ts in words like cats, boats, lights….  Tell him, “I do not want you to say S… I just want you to blow more air on your T.”

You are tricking him into producing Ts by telling him not to produce S.

See my other postings on the lateral lisps for more ideas.

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