Tongue-Tip Interference During /p/ and /b/ Productions

By Pam Marshalla

Q: My client produces a /t/ at the same time he says /p/. And he produces /d/ at the same time he says /b/. How can I prevent the tongue from elevating during /p/ and /b/?

You need to inhibit tongue tip elevation. It might be done like this:

  1. Place a tongue depressor into the mouth, straight in from the front at midline, so that the blade sits on top of the front of the tongue.
  2. With the tongue depressor in place, have the client say /b/ or /p/. The tongue depressor will allow the lips to articulation. And it will prevent the tip from elevating.

The tongue depressor will interfere with the acoustic quality a little bit at first. Build the concept of “Use your lips” and “Don’t use your tongue.” Fade use of the tongue depressor.

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