Using the Syllable Method for R

By Pam Marshalla

Q: I recently attended your seminar on R therapy. I have a student who can say “growl” but that’s it. Should I use your syllable method?

Yes! Use the syllable method!

If he can do the word “growl”, then he should be able to say “grah” by taking the end of the word off. Then if he can say, “grah”, he should be able to say “ground”, “grouch”, “grout” and so forth. Just make sure to make the words into two distinct syllables, and exaggerate each one:

  • “Ground” will be pronounced “Grah” (pause) “Ound”
  • “Grouch” will be pronounced “Grah” (pause) “Ouch”
  • “Grout” will be pronounced “Grah” (pause) “Out”

Then put these words in simple phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

Keep the pauses between the two separated syllables as long as you need to. Help him learn to blend the syllables back together into one.

You are on your way!

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