Where to Buy Therapy Toys and Tools

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Where do you purchase the toys and tools shown in your presentations?

I purchase my toys and tools all over the place. I always have my eye open for something new that I can use. The following summarizes my main sources:

Toothbrushes, Floss, Floss Handles, Dental Picks, Tongue Cleaners

Any retail store that sells teeth cleaning products.

Baby Chew Toys, “Sippy Cups,” Baby Spoons, Baby Toothbrushes

Any retail store that sells baby products.

Soda Straws, Milkshake Straws, Coffee Stirrers, Swizzle Sticks

Any retail or party store that sells kitchen products.

Vinyl Tubing

Any home repair outlet that sells plumbing supplies.
It comes on rolls and you buy it by the foot. Try: Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.

Toothettes, Tongue Depressors, Vinyl Gloves, And Other Sanitary Supplies

  • SuperDuper Publications
  • Talk Tools International
  • Any hospital/nursing supply retailers
  • Look online for the specific item

Horns, Whistles, Kazoos, Harmonicas, RapperSnappers

  • SuperDuper Publications
  • Talk Tools International
  • Oriental Trading Company
  • General toy or party stores

Inspiration/Expiration Spirometers

Hospital/nursing supply retailers. Search on-line under “spirometers.”

Bleach for Sanitation*

Purchase wherever household cleaners are sold.

Sound Activation Toys

Search on-line under specific name: e.g., “Green Machine Frog Band.”
Or search under “sound activation toys.”

*UPDATE 2018: Today, it is not always recommended that we use bleach for disinfecting toys and other items that may go into children’s mouths. Soaps such as Pure Green 24 or Clorox Beach-Free Hydrogen Peroxide Spray are popular, as is using dish soap or the dishwasher when possible. Consider using bleach only when necessary and sparingly. 

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