Why Rag on the EBP?

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Why do you keep harping on about the evidence-based practice (EBP)?

I keep “harping on” about the EBP for four main reasons:

  • Because therapists from all over the world continue to submit questions to me about the EBP.
  • Because therapists in my seminars continue to tell me about the problems they are having with the EBP––problems they are having with certain colleagues, administrators, or parents because of it.
  • Because therapists in my seminars continue to tell me that they feel guilty about doing things in therapy for which they have no research––including things they made up themselves, things they learned from other therapists, and things they learn from the clients themselves.
  • Because certain professionals continue to advocate the notion that we only can do in therapy those techniques that been researched––and nothing could be further from the truth.

[Please see more on this blog regarding the EBP.]

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