Word Lists

By Pam Marshalla

Q: Where do you get the very specific word lists you use for the articulation training you describe for R and the Lisps?

You are talking about organizing word lists by vowels when working on phoneme R or the sibilants. I use a variety of dictionaries, thesauruses, and rhyming dictionaries. I also use the popular book called 40,000 Selected Words: Organized by Letter, Sound, Syllable by Valeda Blockcolsky, Joan M. Frazer, and Douglas H. Frazer.

I always keep on hand a variety of children’s picture dictionaries at various levels to use with clients of various ages. Kids love looking through these books and we search through them together to find just the right words. This makes the work much more interesting and relevant than simply working with word lists that have already been printed on a worksheet. We hunt words, spell words, write words, compare words, eliminate words, and so forth.

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