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This workshop presents a perfect blend of articulation and oral-motor therapy for the misarticulated “R” phoneme. Based on her best-selling book by the same title, Pam Marshalla describes methods to facilitate first productions of “R.” She then details how to help clients transfer this skill from words to conversational speech using practical and highly effective methods of carryover. This class is appropriate for both student speech and language pathologists and seasoned professionals.

Offered: ASHA/0.3 Introductory Level, Professional Area

This three-hour video seminar isĀ available to watch on-demand online for ASHA CEUs through which offers annual subscriptions for as low as $89 or courses can be purchased individually.

4 reviews for Successful R Therapy – Online Lecture

  1. Robin

    I cannot express to you how happy I am that I took your short R course online! I taught one of my clients a tip /r/ today and what an amazing breakthrough! After 6 months of little progress and lots of frustration, he can finally say an /r/ that actually sounds like a mature /r/!

  2. Crystal Rogers

    Pam’s theoretical and practical approach to therapy has been just what I needed. I am excited to try her ideas with children. Bravo Pam….you are an amazing speaker and teacher. Thank you!

  3. Maria Stewart, SLP

    Pam’s work is practical technique based in solid theory, illuminated by the voice of experience!

  4. Jennifer Coltron

    This was obviously a clearly-researched, well thought-out and refined presentation. Pam is clearly are THE leader in our field… It is a treat for all of us (especially those newer in our careers) to learn ‘tricks of the trade’ from a true expert.

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