Which First: Consonantal or Vocalic R?

By Pam Marshalla

1018598957_db53876bab_mQ: I have read “Successful R Therapy” and am wondering, do you work on Consonantal R or Vocalic R first, and why?

I tend to work on Vocalic R with a retroflex R first because I like to teach the contrast between Ah (Jaw low, mouth open, tongue low) with R (jaw high, mouth almost closed, tongue curled up and back).

I also find that starting with a big Ah and teaching the client to prolong it helps him hear the subtle sound changes that occur as the tongue curls up and back for the Retroflex R.

I find this the easiest way to teach R, so I usually start here, especially if the client has been in therapy for a while with someone else and has been failing.

2 thoughts on “Which First: Consonantal or Vocalic R?”

  1. I have a kiddo who is substituting w/r and has trouble with consonant blends with r and l. He is stimulable for the r sound so should I just start with r and l blends or make sure he is successful with /r/ in isolation?

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